Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Learning What Automation Is All About

Automation is a process of using computers to control machinery and industrial processes of an organization. Automation generally reduces the need for human power and machine requirements to a large extent. The process is playing the best role in increasing income, as it saves time so that a person can do many other things with complete ease and comfort. There are many things and factors involved in automation. Chemical processes can also be made automated. Certain tools are involved in automation which are listed below: ANN - Artificial neural network, DCS - Distributed Control System, HMI - Human Machine Interface, LIMS - Laboratory Information Management System, MES - Manufacturing Execution System, PAC - Programmable automation controller, PLC - Programmable Logic Controller, SCADA - Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, Field bus Simulation.

There are many fields in automation, one of them is home automation, which is nowadays very much common and is widely used all over the world. If you are a customer based in India and looking for information about Automation Companies In India and Automation Companies In Pune then the Internet is a great help for you. If your requirements are unique and you want complete change with great efficiency, then Rockwell Integrator is the best option for you.

Lab safety supply products in India are widely available by Pune Automation Companies to different online shopping stores at affordable rates. All information about Factory Automation Companies In India is also widely available on the Internet for your ease and comfort. Safety supplies include many different terms and conditions. There is more than one Automation Company In Pune that is specially working for wholesale home automation for your connivance. You can get all information about gem automation on their official website. Construction safety supplies information and products help you a lot in keeping your organization’s ins and outs of the balance. Office automation is usually refers to a process of using machinery to keep maintained office records. Access automation systems are nowadays very famous and common all over the world. All information about claim automation is easily available on Internet for your ease and comfort. Sales force automation is very beneficial for those who have large organizations and are facing problems in terms of dealing with the sales.

Manufacturing innovation automation conference is held on the world bases that take the ideas from different experts. The conference is held in order to make the innovative machines for the manufacturing industries. The conference is held to enhance the use of automation technologies. Different Industrial Automation Manufacturers with their special product formation use automation technologies and put across other automation specialists in the conference.

 With that all said above, it is understandable that today automotive technologies are in use for machining purpose.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Advantages of Automations Systems for Homeowners and Company Owners

There are a lot of advantages that are related to automation. In general, we can say that it minimizes a lot of work that can be done by hand and man dependency on a system is reduced. These systems are portable that can be moved from one place to another. The automated software systems available today are used to manage different working tasks in companies and homes. Thus, if people are busy in their office work then they can reduce their work by using home automation. It is very useful means of machine power that can help in performing tasks at home like washing machine can also be a home-automated machine because there is no need of manpower for a long time. Thus, all the subsystems are combined by using a panel that can handle these systems from a single interface. Likewise, there is wholesale home automation that is used to perform these home tasks in a joint manner. 

There is another form of automation that is used to test the application manually. It is called the test automation. It performs tasks by using direct automation techniques. Thus, automation directs the equipment to do their work exactly in a correct way. There are many automation techniques out of which one is Rockwell integrator automation. This type of automation is providing very advanced and up-to-date methods for carrying out different tasks. They provide resources for the problem-solving activities that can be very cost effective. It is not a huge type of thing. Thus, Rockwell integrator automation is just a single machine that provides cost-effective solutions to the problems.

Industrial Automation in India

In the process of automation, there are lots of lab safeties supplies involved, which make our work easy and reliable. They also facilitate to do the work smoothly done. As the name indicates, lab safety supplies provide the security in the automation processes. They provide flammable reactive things so that in case of fire, we can remain safe from fire-related damages. They also provide bottles for the safety of chemicals. Sharpie Marker is a type of ink that is used to resists different solvents to remain safe from automation errors. As we know that automated systems also need construction safety supplies that are used to perform reliable work during the construction of a building. Thus, Industrial automation in India is very important in today’s time and without it, organizations cannot expect to survive in this cutthroat competition.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

SCADA systems Solutions by Softcon Chandrakant Kulkarni

In recent years, utility corporations have undergone nice changes within the manner they run their businesses. The pressure to extend profits and scale back expenses has them desegregation their SCADA systems with their business networks to contour operations. the recognition of the web has customers requesting on-line access to their accounts also as on-line bill payment, additional increasing network exposure. additionally, utility corporations have reduced prices by investing the web to facilitate core business operations like outage management and procural.

In addition, world act of terrorism has the general public and media involved regarding the protection of public-service corporation companies’ vital infrastructure and their SCADA systems. Despite the general public fears, there's no reason for utility corporations to shun the vast advantages ensuing from the combination of SCADA systems and also the benefits of the web. The threat is also real, however the measures to shield SCADA systems square measure, fortuitously, comparatively simple.

Perhaps the best danger to utility corporations is that the lack of awareness of the necessity for bigger security. several public and personal corporations dominant very important public utilities like gas, power and water, ne'er thought they'd be the target of cyber attacks and currently should implement measures to boost network security. whereas several utility corporations perform regular risk assessments of their SCADA systems, too several don't. they need become smitten by their tightly integrated digital data systems while not absolutely understanding the potential impact of a cyber attack.

SCADA systems were historically “walled off” from different systems in operation severally from the network. before the notice of attainable attacks, this gave the impression to give all the protection the SCADA system required. They were for the most part proprietary systems with such restricted access ANd occult writing that only a few individuals would have the flexibility to access them to launch an attack. Over time, however, they became integrated into the larger company network as a way to leverage their valuable knowledge and increase plant potency. Therefore, the fact is their security is currently usually solely as sturdy because the security of the network.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Oil & Gas platforms and offshore plants

On Oil & Gas platforms and offshore plants, in open-cast or underground mining machines, in crane installations and in steel plants - Softcon encoders operate faithfully in serious machinery within the harshest environmental conditions with mud, wet and extreme temperatures and mechanical stress. Usually, in these unfriendly environments, high-accuracy sensors reach their limits.
Encoders for useful safety and glass fibre modules for the secure optical transmission of encoder signals over long distances complete the Softcon product vary for these application fields.
Speed activity and positioning of rollers and drives within the industry
Position and movement sensors play a crucial role in steel plants. even supposing they're exposed to harsh environmental conditions, the encoders should guarantee AN uninterrupted and safe method. Softcon  encoders work steady for several years in steel plants everywhere the planet. dependableness is that the main feature, particularly for plants with terribly high in operation prices.
1. Production
Positioning and speed regulation of cranes and trucks. Rugged sensors in terribly unclean environments with high mechanical necessities concerning shock and vibration resistance.
2. Steel casting
Rolling and cutting to length of the continual strand. Use of encoders in extreme temperatures.
3. Hot rolling
Rugged speed regulation and correct positioning of the rollers. Encoders in highly regarded and damp environments. Rolling mill-suitable encoders, shock-tested and with centrifugal switches to forestall from overspeed.
4. Cold rolling
Highly dynamic speed regulation and correct roller positioning. High speeds and robust vibration and shock stress. Positioning, furthermore as speed and hoisting gear regulation of cranes.
5. More process
High-accuracy speed regulation in exciting plants. The encoders ar exposed to wet and plenty of chemicals. Positioning, furthermore as speed and hoisting gear regulation of cranes.

Chandrakant Kulkarni a CEO of Softcon System Pvt. Ltd, looks after the  complete operations of the company . He has been active in this area for more than 15 years, looking after the industries like oil & gas, power management, metals & minerals, pharma, waste management and other industries.  One of the superior combination of administrative background with technical & financial management in organization.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

EMS for Solar Energy Plant

Requirement for Solar Energy Plant
The solar energy plant owner needs to integrate all parameter in single SCADA. the aim is to observe, management and build show the info over net

An Energy observance system designed for assortment, processing, image, storage, control. It consists of observance and management half. observance system collects the info from energy meter /numerical relay and system. The system provided the management over breakers, isolators, faucet changers.


  • Knowledge Acquisition from completely different devices over protocol.
  • Complete SLD illustration with live worth.
  • Knowledge work, Data logging  and reporting.
  • Alarms /events for abnormality
  • Management of Breakers/Isolators/Tap Changer


  • Centralized knowledge offers correct report for generation
  • Abnormal conditions log provides fault diagnostic
  • Complete generation report
  • Complete plant observance over net

The Softcon System Pvt Ltd is started by Chandrakant Kulkarni in Pune,  under  expert guidance of its established pioneer with the creative & the finest quality automation services from last decade.  Right  form the management processes to the entire workforce,  everyone at Softcon System furnish to fulfilling dreams of unique industrial services.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Energy observance System for Steel Plant

Requirement for steel plant
The steel manufacturer needs to observe specific energy consumption for his or her product steel with complete feeders observance together with fault analysis.

A new Energy observance system (EMS) system designed for assortment, processing, visualization, storage of on-line data/information associated with energy consumption in varied units in an exceedingly real time atmosphere. EMS Servers organized to capture information from Numeric relay and cargo trough over industrial normal protocol IEC103/Modbus through Serial lopping system. GPS system to synchronize all devices through EMS server. EMC system is intended supported client-server design victimization Windows operative platform over LAN TCP/IP LAN provided by client. The system can have graphical program for visualization and operator steering with dynamic mimics.

  • Centralized information acquisition over totally different protocol like IEC103/Modbus of energy meter and numerical relay
  • Remote shopper for remote observance
  • Report for electrical device with relevancy its performance
  • Alarms/Event work with time stamp
  • Feeder trip report
  • Breaker standing
  • period and historical information trending., Generation of Reports, information acquisition over OPC
  • Complete illustration of plant SLD with real time simulation
  • Time synchronization with GPS


  • Specific energy consumption calculation
  • Individual Feeder consumption report offer analysis tools to enhance individual feeder potency
  • EMS can offer continuous and effective observance of all instrumentation of field.
  • Energy observance System can able to offer fast attentive to service staff for any system haywire, particularly those that square measure seemingly to cause disruption to the availability of electricity to customers.
  • Management system news desires.
  • Relay trip information availabilities provided to trace the basis reason behind fault 

Main responsibilities of the Softcon CEO ChandrakantKulkarni is running the company and setting complete strategy of companies industrial area, he always active in the organizations progress.